"Discover The Methods To Virally Spread Your Ebooks By Rebranding Them With Your Affiliate Links"

If you have been online for a few years, you can clearly see the power of Ebook Marketing.  However, did you know that having the rebrandable ebook software to rebrand ebooks, you can virtually write your own cheques.

You see, when you have the ability to hard code and make adjustable links inside an ebook, you can give away your rebranded ebooks to other people that will also give away or sell these ebooks that all lead back to you!

Up until very recently this wasn’t possible without making these rebrandable ebook in .exe format.  This is an executable file, and now a days this looks really cheesy.  It allows greater risk to the people downloading .exe files onto their hard drives, therefore diminishing distribution.  The most widely accepted format of ebooks today is pdf format by Adobe.  It has become the standard.

Introducing Rebrandable Ebook Software

To quickly sum things up, our rebrandable ebooks software allows you to rebrand PDF Ebooks.  The software contains 2 parts.

  • The PDF Signer
  • The PDF Rebrander

When you start making your rebrandable ebooks in PDF format, they will be in the most widely accepted format that is readable on Windows, Mac, Linux and any other system.  Also PDF’s are viewable on Iphone, Android, and other web enabled mobile devices.   PDF owns the market on ebook format.  Therefore your rebranded ebooks have the best chance of large distribution and being read.  The rebrandable part allows a reason for others to help circulate your ebooks as they can put their own affiliate links in the ebooks, while the main content always leads back to you.

Rebrandable Ebook Software Allows You To:

  • Make unlimited re-brandable links if your ebooks, so you can promote as many products, affiliate sites, as you want
  • Allow your distributors to rebrand their email address
  • Brand regular text (This eBook is sponsored by <your name here>
  • Set an expiration date on your PDF files! After that date is reached, the brander will refuse to brand your documents and ask the reader to visit your website for a newer version of your eBook.
  • Put your PDF eBooks on your website! Search Engines like Google or MSN will index these – and as we all know, Search Engines just love content!
  • NEW! Use ‘catch-all’ tags! If your affiliate doesn’t have a personal ID for any given program promoted in your eBook, the link will get branded with your ID! What this means for you is: No more lost sales!
  • Even use Acrobat’s “Base URL” feature, so you can hide your affiliate-links in your PDF files!

Will rebrandable ebook software convert my documents to PDF?

No. You will need a separate program to convert your files to PDF. Think of rebrandable ebook software as a kind of ‘add-on’ to your existing PDF creating software.

There are plenty of programs out there that allow you to create your own PDF files – including my own Pdf Converter, too. I have included a few links in the comprehensive user manual that comes with Rebrandable Ebook Software, pointing you to various websites where you can download some of the most popular programs to create your own PDF files immediately.

I didn’t want to reinvent the wheel, instead I wanted to create a product that is

  • Unique (as of this writing, it’s the only one of it’s kind – since 2003!)
  • Cost-effective (another, similar online-service charges you around $100,- just to open an account with them and then you’re supposed to pay an ongoing monthly fee – … forever!)
  • and that lets you use a widely accepted industry-standard to distribute your eBooks to everybody!


Exactly How Rebrandable Ebook Software Works:

Step 1: Simply set up special links in your PDF file (detailed instructions included) and then run your finished PDF eBooks through our software once. Very easy.

Step 2: Give your affiliates your PDF eBook and a small brander application (included with your purchase) or offer it for download on your website.

Step 3: Done.

If you want to see it in action, you can download a simple demo here (size is ~ 1.8mb incl Documentation in four languages). Detailed instructions are included.

Almost ALL top-name Internet Marketers own a copy of this exact rebrandable ebook software. For example, Yanik Silver has a popular PDF eBook named ‘The Greatest Marketing Secrets’ that is brandable using this rebranding software.

Another ‘real-life’ example is Mike Filsaime‘s ButterflyMarketing. Mike uses this rebrandable ebook software to offer rebrandable reports to his affiliates because he understands the power of Viral Marketing.

What about future updates? Do I have to pay extra for these?

No. Updates for your version are included with your purchase and will be emailed to you automatically as soon as they’re released! We will however change this policy soon, so I highly recommend you secure your free updates

right now!

I do have some questions that I don’t find the answers here…

No problem, all of our purchasers receive email and desk support for any problems they may be having with the software.  We make sure you have no problems with our easy to understand manuals included, but still offer impeccable support for those that have a few questions…..

Order Rebrandable Ebook Software Today

and you’ll not only get all of the above features for one low price, there’s even more:

  • Super fast support including helpdesk and support forums
  • Free upgrades for your version! (3.1, 3.2, etc..)

Our 1 Year 100% Money Back Guarantee

Use it for a full year (365 days), give it a thorough run, see for yourself how useful it is to your business. And if you don’t think it measures up to everything we’ve told you about it, simply let us know and we will promptly refund your investment.

Still not sure? Consider this…

Fact 1: eBook and article publishing is a cheap and effective way to brand yourself or your company as an expert in your industry, drive highly targeted traffic to your website and share your knowledge with the world.

Fact 2: Give your readers a good reason and they will gladly distribute your eBook for you. Simply give them the opportunity to earn money by using their own affiliate links and you’re already on your way!

Fact 3:
Not only do the *.exe compilers restrict you in all the ways described earlier on this page. These Windows-only eBooks are also considered highly unprofessional by the vast majority of your readers! Do you really want to project that image? “If you want results tomorrow, You need to take action today!”

  • Pdf Signer
  • Pdf Ebook Rebrander Software
  • Excellent Support, Manuals, Helpdesk, and Forums
  • Our 365 day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Only $27.00